Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trust and Be Trustable - Step 2 to Succeed in Relationships

Are you finding it hard to have "trust" in your relationships? Discover how to break that negative cycle and find ways to break the fear of trusting your mate.

Give your trust to another person and they will trust you. As soon as you are distrusting, you will find others distrust you.

When we are born, we trust our mother and/or father. We really have no other option other than to trust until given profound reason not to trust. And as children we reestablish trust again very quickly. We trust that we will breathe, until we have an allergic reaction to something and cannot. We trust that our fingers will move, until we experience not being able to. In all these cases, our trust is quickly restored as soon as healing occurs.

I have heard people say that Trust is Earned. Believe me this is not the case. If trust is earned, and is given only when received, then stalemates will continue to occur in relationships. Trust is a gift and when given, it is received. I have toyed with this trust is earned concept and it was completely exhausting to keep track of who or what had earned my trust versus who had not. It was much simpler to give my trust freely.

Also trust in SELF is ABOVE ALL most critical when taking on the giving and receiving of trust. You must trust your intuition, your instincts - there are situations where trust cannot be given willingly. F or example if your wellbeing or life is being compromised in some way, then certainly, trust yourself to make the right choice. So, to give or gift trust is a choice. You can choose at any given moment given your gift of intuition and instinct.

People are human and will do things to cause you to question trust. It is up to you what you do with the relationship once you feel that trust has been questioned or breached. If you do not  address the situation, then you are  avoiding dealing with the person directly and ensuring you are not taken for granted going forward in that relationship.   Most often than not,  what was interpreted to be a breach of trust  is really your interpretation of a situation versus what the other person(s) was interpreting or intending.

Humans never see things exactly the same way and it is only through dialogue that understanding can occur. I said understanding, I did not say agreement. Understanding is a place where Trust can exist, mutually. So, when you take the time to understand that TRUST is implicit, until you are the one that chooses to remove it...AND that in order to understand, you must dialogue and seek to understand before interpreting...then and only then can you trust and be trusted.

So, get out there and start having the conversations that you need to be having such that you TRUST yourself enough to know that NO-THING can happen to you by giving your trust.

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